Biomass and Bioenergy Research Group (BBRG)
Department of Chemical & Biological Engineering
University of British Columbia

The Biomass and Bioenergy Research Group (BBRG) at UBC is a multi-departmental team conducting innovative research in biomass densification, preprocessing, resource assessment, characterization, and supply logistics. A key focus of the group is research on wood pellets, a large industry in British Columbia which exports over 1 million tonnes of pellets as biofuel to Europe each year. In order to support bio-based industry in Canada, BBRG has sought to quantify feedstock supply risks and develop models to simulate real-world biomass harvest, transportation, and preprocessing operations.

Primary Activities

For more information on BBRG, please visit the website at: http://www.biomass.ubc.ca Or contact Dr. Shahab Sokhansanj at