Multiple Briquetter Configurations

If the capacity of one briquetting machine is not big enough, you can increase capacity to suit process throughput requirements. Number of possible connections is limited by the according silo size.

The briquet presses are modular in construction. More briquet presses (up to 4 on the rectangular feed hopper shown and up to 2 on the round feed hopper shown) can be added to increase capacity requirements. The round hopper arrangement is usually used for low bulk density feedstock such as paper dust and usually is flanged to a cyclone airlock discharge, see pictures in paper and printing sections. A optional dust filter and suction fan can be provided with the rectangular arrangement thus providing a closed sealed system that takes in dust and converts it to briquets while exhausting clean return air. See filter system and printing section as well as videos.

The rectangular arrangement can also be connected to a Holzmag shredder granulator via enclosed transfer auger. This enclosed system then can process large feedstock parts as well as dust. See pictures and videos. Each briquet press has its own PLC controls and feed auger. You can see now that there are several arrangements available to suit requirements.

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